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Train traveller behaviour during and after Covid: insights of a longitudinal survey of Dutch train passengers

The pandemic had (and still has) an obvious impact on public transport (use). To gain insights into passenger behaviour during and after the pandemic, a longitudinal survey is organised with the goal to capture behaviour, attitudes and intentions related to train usage. Four surveys were held between April and December 2020, involving 23,000-47,000 passengers each. The results provide valuable, quantitative insights that help to recover and rethink public transport after the pandemic, for instance by adjusted planning, design and operations. Findings show that 30% of the passengers want to avoid the peak hour after Covid and 72% will telework more often, saving multiple trips per week. The most popular days for teleworking will be Friday and Wednesday. Related future research directions are for instance developing more flexible and demand-driven schedules and services.

Read more in the PAPER by Mark van Hagen et al. or check the PRESENTATION at the BIVEC Transport days

How do Dutch train passengers (expect to) travel during and after Covid?

Thursday 5th November, the ETC Programme Committees for Local Public Transport and Rail Policy and Planning hosted a Covid webinar on: “How do Dutch train passengers (expect to) travel during and after Covid? Insights from a longitudinal panel of over 20,000 train passengers”, by Mark van Hagen (Netherlands Railways) and Niels van Oort (TU Delft). Together, Mark and Niels initiated a longitudinal survey amongst Dutch train travellers and how they cope with Covid with regard to their (future) travel patterns. In this webinar, they will share the main findings and lessons. A reflection from a wider EU perspective will also be given by András Munkácsy, Head of the Department for Transport Management at the KTI Institute for Transport Sciences, Hungary.

Find the presentation HERE

Impacts of Covid on train traveller behaviour / De gevolgen van de coronacrisis op treinreisgedrag

Delft University of Technology and the Dutch railways (NS) started a joint research in April 2020 on Covid impacts on train passenger behaviour. During the pandemic, multiple surveys in different stages (up to 100.000) were held to learn about the impacts and expectations.

Read more in the papers, presentations and news releases below. English publications are highlighted in the list.


TU Delft en NS zijn 24 april 2020 een grootschalig onderzoek naar de gevolgen van de coronacrisis op het reisgedrag gestart. Zo’n 100.000 NS-reizigers zijn hiervoor benaderd. Door de intelligente lockdown daalde het aantal treinreizigers tot ongeveer 7% ten opzichte van normaal. De onderzoeksvraag is hoe reizigers zich tijdens en na de lockdown (verwachten te) gaan gedragen. Vanuit NS zijn Valerie Severens, Menno de Bruyn en Mark van Hagen betrokken bij dit onderzoek. Bij de TU Delft zijn dat Danique Ton, Dorine Duives en Niels van Oort.

Lees hier over het onderzoek en de resultaten tot zover:

<English> Train traveller behaviour during and after Covid: insights of a longitudinal survey of Dutch train passengers with Mark van Hagen et al. [Paper with results until December]

<English> The future of train traveller behaviour with Danique Ton, Mark van Hagen and Niels van Oort [results until December+teleworking]

BNR Nieuwsradio met Niels van Oort [OV ná Corona]

<English> RailTech with Mark van Hagen, Danique Ton and Niels van Oort [results until december + teleworking]

<English> Smart Public Transport Lab COVID webinar met Danique Ton [Teleworking]

Nieuwsuur over toekomst NS met Marjan Rintel [Treinreizen ná Corona]

Verkeerskunde artikel met Valerie Severens, Mark van Hagen, ea [resultaten april, juni en september]

OV Pro artikel met Menno de Bruyn en Niels van Oort [resultaten t/m september]

Interview OV Magazine met Menno de Bruyn

SpoorPro TV met Menno de Bruyn en Niels van Oort (vanaf 16:15 min) [resultaten t/m september]

CVS paper met Mark van Hagen, Dorine Duives en Valerie Severens [resultaten t/m juni]

<English>AET Covid webinar met Mark van Hagen en Niels van Oort [resultaten t/m september]

Fietscommunity presentatie met Niels van Oort [effecten fiets en OV, april en juni]

Presentatie EMTA met Dorine Duives [resultaten t/m juni]

MPN symposium met Mark van Hagen en Danique Ton [resultaten april en juni]

SpoorPro TV met Menno de Bruyn en Niels van Oort [resultaten april]

<English>Webinar ADS met Menno de Bruyn

<English> Webinar Smart Public Transport Lab met Danique Ton [resultaten april]

NM Magazine met Danique Ton ea [resultaten april]

Volkskrant met Niels van Oort met Niels van Oort

NOS met Niels van Oort

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Public Transport and Covid-19

How did Covid-19 affect public transport worldwide? BSc graduate Gerben van der Horst developed multiple time lapses to show the measures taken worldwide from January until June:

(Partial) shutdown of public transport services time lapse
Facemasks regulations time lapse
Lockdown time lapse

Find more information, references and data acknowledgements in the full report of Gerben van der Horst: HERE

In addition, find our Smart Public Transport Lab thoughtpiece on Public Transport in and after Covid-19: HERE

An overview of Covid-19 research of the Smart Public Transport Lab is provided: HERE

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