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Dr. N. (Niels) van Oort M.Sc. (1978)
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Niels van Oort works as an assistant professor Public Transport at Delft University of Technology and is co-director of the Smart Public Transport Lab. He has been involved in public transport projects for over 15 years and likes to do scientific research and applying his research insights into practice.His main fields of expertise are public transport planning and design, dealing with the passenger perspective, service reliability and Big Data. In addition to teaching, Niels often presents his work at conferences and he frequently publishes articles in (international) journals.

Niels studied traffic and transport at Delft University of Technology and finished his Master on Public Transport in 2003. He started to work as a researcher at HTM, the public transport company of The Hague. During this job, he started a PhD on service reliability in public transport. He performed his research part time at Delft University of Technology and in 2009 he joined the public transport research group of Professor Wilson at MIT. In 2010 he changed jobs to work as a public transport consultant at Goudappel Coffeng mobility consultants. He finished his PhD in 2011 and started to work at Delft university of Technology in 2012 as an (parttime) assistant professor. Since 2018, he is fulltime employed at TU Delft. In addition, he supports governments, operators and consultants via his company Van Oort Mobility Consultancy (since 2020).

Best paper award, Bivec Transport days, Delft, 2021
Runner up best Dutch public transport professional, OV Magazine, 2019
Railforum award best connector science and practice, 2017
Top 25 Rail professionals, Railforum, 2017
Best paper award CVS conference, 2016
Honorable mention Best internship supervisor Railforum, 2015
Best TRB paper Transit capacity and quality of service committee, 2014
10th position, Best Dutch mobility professional, 2014
Best paper award CVS conference, 2013
2nd Best paper award CVS conference, 2012

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