Self driving solutions and public transport

The development of self-driving solutions is growing exponentially. Major industries are developing vehicles, sensors and mapping systems that help to achieve the goal of driverless mobility. How can we prepare the city for these self-driving solutions? And in what ways can a city benefit from these solutions? What are the possibilities and challenges of the realization of the self-driving car as a last-mile option in Amsterdam?

Part of the discussion was on the (new) role of public transport: will it dissapear completely of will business remain as usual? Major question is what do we want to achieve in our cities and what means do we have to get to that point? We should look at the strengths of all modes and find the optimal mix. Stop to stop mass transport is the stregth of public transport, the bike plays a major role in short distances and access to these stops. So the first potential role for automated vehicles might be in egress transport?

See the presentations and discussion HERE

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