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Understanding the Modal Shift in Response to Bike-sharing Systems in the City of Delft

The introduction of bike-sharing systems has revitalized cycling in many cities around the world. In general, the bike-sharing systems operated worldwide can be divided into two categories: docked bike-sharing and dockless bike-sharing. In the docked bike-sharing system, users have to rent bicycles from designated docking stations and then return them to the available lockers in […]

Ridership impacts of the introduction of a dockless bike-sharing scheme, a data-driven case study

In recent years, growing concerns over climate change, pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles have contributed to increasing attention to sustainable transport modes such as cycling in general and more particularly the bicycle-transit combination. As part of the policy to promote cycling, bike-sharing programs were introduced in the past decades. The development of smart bicycle locks […]

Understanding the difference in travel patterns between docked and dockless bike-sharing systems: a case study in Nanjing, china

The co-existence of dockless and traditional docked bike-sharing systems presents new opportunities for sustainable transportation in cities all over the world, both serving door to door trips and access and egress to and from transit. To compare travel patterns of these two systems, we explored the GPS data of a dockless bike-sharing scheme and the […]

Potential of on-demand services for urban travel (Flex-OV)

On-demand mobility services are promising to revolutionise urban travel, but preliminary studies are showing that they may actually increase the total vehicle miles travelled, thereby worsening road congestion in cities. In this study, we assess the demand for on-demand mobility services in urban areas,using a stated preference survey, to understand the potential impact of introducing […]

Overview Bicycle+Transit research

Download the poster HERE References: Shelat et al.(2018), Characteristics bicycle and transit users Van Mil et al.(2020), Factors affecting the bicycle and transit mode Arendsen et al. (2019), Shared mobility for the first and last mile Rijsman et al. (2019), Walking and bicycle catchment areas of tram stops: factors and insights Ma et al.(2020), Shared […]

Podcast: Bicycle+transit mode

The bicycle+transit combination has been a growing mode for years now. It could offer the best of both worlds, if it is well designed with an integrated perspective. In this Dutch Cycling Embassy podcast with Geert Kloppenburg and Chris Bruntlet, we discuss about the opportunities and challenges regarding shared bicycle systems. Find the podcast here: […]

OV en (deel)fiets: vriend of vijand? Inzichten in gebruik en reizigersvoorkeuren

In beleid en onderzoek is steeds meer aandacht voor duurzame vervoermiddelen, zoals de fiets en het openbaar vervoer (OV). Integratie van fiets én openbaar vervoer kan de voordelen van beide systemen combineren: De fiets zorgt voor fijnmazige ontsluiting van herkomsten en bestemmingen, is duurzaam en bevordert een gezonde leefstijl. De kwaliteit van het OV neemt […]

Bicycle and Transit: a Powerful Combination

Cities are facing mobility related problems such as traffic congestion and air pollution. The combination of bicycle and transit offers a sustainable alternative to individual motorized transport. It combines the benefits of both modes, namely speed, flexibility and accessibility. This paper merges several results of our recent studies in this combined mode. The bicycle and […]

Understanding the trip and user characteristics of the combined bicycle and transit mode

Several cities around the world are facing mobility related problems such as traffic congestion and air pollution. Although limited individually, the combination of bicycle and transit offers speed and accessibility; by complementing each other’s characteristics the bicycle and transit combination can compete with automobiles. Recognising this, several studies have investigated policies that encourage integration of […]

Self driving solutions and public transport

The development of self-driving solutions is growing exponentially. Major industries are developing vehicles, sensors and mapping systems that help to achieve the goal of driverless mobility. How can we prepare the city for these self-driving solutions? And in what ways can a city benefit from these solutions? What are the possibilities and challenges of the […]

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