Supervised students (PhD., MSc. and internships)

2018: Lucile Brethome: Modelling and optimisation of a passenger railway transportation plan (SNCF)

Menno Yap: Transfer optimisation, (TRANSFORM)
Maria Alonso Gonzalez: Demand responsive public transport, passenger perspective, (SCRIPTS)
Jishnu Narayan S: Demand responsive public transport, vehicle perspective, (SCRIPTS)

Leonie Heydenrijk-Ottens: Passenger assistant app; passenger data analytics and AI (My-TRACK)
Sanmay Shelat: Passenger assistant app; passenger choice behaviour and modelling (My-TRACK)
Malvika Dixit: Impacts of North-South line on Amsterdam (Amsterdam, VRA, GVB)
Fatemeh Toribi: Multimodal hubs, including new modes

Marko Kapetanovic: CO2 modelling and monitoring of regional railway lines (Arriva)
Roy van Kuijk: multimodal network design, including emerging modes (Province of Utrecht)


Anne-Minke Bottema: Customer satisfaction and disturbances (RET)
Jasper de Lanoy: Estimating elasticities for predicting ridership in bus transportation based on a before-after study (EBS)
Toni Kuhlmann: Sustainable urban mobility practices (AMS)
Alexander Warmelink Microscopic simulation to assess robustness of high frequency metro services (RET)
Felipe Coutinho: Transforming fixed transit lines into DRT, case MokumFlex (TU Delft) REPORT
Maarten Seerden: Value and satisfaction of crowding relief in transit (HTM)

Sanne van der Mheen: The spatial impact of autonomous vehicles as access and egress mode on train stations (ProRail)
Koen Arendsen: Shared mobility for the first and last mile: exploring the willingness to share (NS)
Anne Reinders: Design of multimodal networks (RET)
Bas Stam: Access and egress facilities at railway stations (Witteveen en Bos)
Sven Boor: Impacts of dockless rental bikes (MoBike)
Eva Lehká: Multiple-depot bus operations planning in Zeeland (Connexxion)

Lotte Rijsman: Walking and bicycle catchment areas of tram stops in The Hague (HTM); REPORT
Juliette Krantz: Impacts of MaaS on health (Arup); REPORT
Gerald Hoekstra: Push Back The Boundaries: The potential of multimodal concessions to make the modal boundaries in public transport disappear (Arriva); REPORT
Rizqi Luthfiana Khairu Nisa: Mobility as a Service in Jakarta (TU Delft)

Aishah Mahyarni Imran: Combination of speed adjustment and holding control strategy for a regularity-based transit operation (Keolis); REPORT
Kristel Bronsvoort: Bikesharing schemes to optimize public transport (TU Delft)
Sander Willer: Tram-train potential scanner (MottMcDonald)
Alessio Gaspardo: Modelling and designing future public transport networks (Province of Utrecht)

Roy van Kuijk: Indications of the societal impact of Mobility as a Service (Connekt), REPORT
Lotte Rijsman: Kansen MaaS voor gemeente Arnhem (Arnhem)
Prawesh Brispat: Perception Based Decision-making for Public Transport Investments (MRDH)

Jop van Roosmalen: Forecasting bus ridership with trip planner usage data : a machine learning application (OV Bureau Groningen/Drenthe)
Max Wierkx: Impact Zero Emission bussen op dienstregeling en uitvoering (Goudappel Coffeng), REPORT
Charlotte Schornagel: Wayfinding information: A study about the relationship between the improvement of multimodal transfers and customer travel experience at large railway stations (Sweco)

Gerben Dorenbos: Verbeteren tramnetwerk Den Haag (HTM) CVS 2016 paper
Robert Möhring: Spatial impacts of automated vehicles (NS)
Anne Durand: Real time control from a passenger perspective (RET), TRR Paper
Dennis Roelofsen: Increasing the resilience of urban public transport from a passenger perspective (HTM)
Joeri van Mil: Station choice behaviour of cyclists (Ministerie van I en M), REPORT
Ellen van der Werff: Improving level of service by appling headway control (Arriva), REPORT
Jeroen Hoogvliet: Herontwerp OV Den Haag ZuidWest (HTM)
Tessa Leferink: Succes factors bike and rail (Witteveen en Bos))
Sanmay Shelat: Data analysis of cycling as an access mode to public transport (Goudappel Coffeng)
Joleen vd Toren: Design of security checks at railway stations from a passenger perspective (Royal Haskoning DHV)

Karin de Regt: Datafusie GSM en OV chipkaartdata (Goudappel Coffeng)
Dolores Brietzke: Modellering internationaal railverkeer (NS Internationaal); CVS 2015 Paper
Judith Brand: Integratie fiets en OV (Stadsregio Amsterdam)
Patrick van der Meijs: Afwegingskader Bus Rapid Transport (Movares); CVS 2015 Paper
Rachel Ivers: Impact transit signal priority on equity (Arup)
Maarten Oud: Inzicht in reizigersgedrag bij omleidingen (HTM en Goudappel Coffeng)
Rien van der Molen: Baten betere doorstroming tram (RET)

Arthur Scheltes: visualisatie GOVI data (Goudappel Coffeng)
Gert-Jaap Koppenol: Baten ombouw Hoekselijn (Gemeente Rotterdam)
Andele Swierstra: Onbetrouwbaar OV in verkeersmodellen (BRU)
Menno Yap: Robuustheid multimodale OV netwerken (Goudappel Coffeng)

Aaron Lee: Service reliability in a network context (HTM)
Jessica Aceves Flores: Service reliability modelling (Goudappel Coffeng)

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