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    Posted in April 2017

    Fiets én OV: ‘The best of both worlds’

    Naast de inmiddels gangbare combinatie fiets en trein, bieden met name de combi’s fiets en stedelijke rail en fiets en HOV-busvervoer nog veel potentieel. Data-onderzoek van Goudappel Coffeng en TU Delft toont aan dat de combinatie fiets en een OV-modaliteit voordelen biedt aan een brede groep stakeholders. Waarom is dit relevant en hoe zit de gebruikersdynamiek van fiets en OV eigenlijk in elkaar?

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    Optimization of a passenger railway transportation plan considering mobility flows and service quality

    This research focuses on designing transportation plan for SNCF Transilien (French railway
    operator for the Parisian suburban mass transit). The objective is to develop methods
    and decision support tools to propose a timetable adapted to the passenger demand in the
    Parisian mass transit system, including comfort and reliability criterias.
    This paper aims to present the first step of this research. We propose a graph theoretic
    ILP formulation for the Line Planning Problem, minimizing both travelers travel time and
    operating cost. We furthermore develop a multi-objective method to solve this problem.
    This method offers a pool of solutions in order to let the final designer choose the solution.
    We report computational results on real world instances provided from SNCF Transilien.

    Check the RAIL Lille paper of Lucile Brethome et al. HERE

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